CAPS Grants FAQ's 2020

1. What is CAPS?

The Committee for Atascadero Public Schools (CAPS) is a nonprofit organization created in 2007 to help enrich the educational experience of AUSD students. CAPS is comprised of dedicated members of the Atascadero community who volunteer their time to plan, organize, and execute an annual fundraiser, the proceeds of which directly benefit AUSD students through grants awarded to certificated AUSD educators.

2. What is a CAPS Grant?

It is a Grant that is awarded to an AUSD certificated employee to enhance learning opportunities and experiences for AUSD students.

3. How is the Grant money divided?

It is a priority for CAPS to ensure that all schools, educational abilities and grade levels are given fair and proportional consideration. Fundraising proceeds are divided by the number of students enrolled in the District to determine a per-student allotment. The grant funds allocated to each school site are calculated by multiplying that amount by their total enrollment.

4. How is the maximum amount for a Grant determined?

The Committee makes this determination based on the total funds raised in a given year. For 2020, the committee will consider grant proposals ranging from $100-$1,500.

5. What do readers look for in a Grant?

CAPS is looking for Grants that address the needs of children throughout AUSD, and exhibit the following criteria:

  • Outside-the-box thinking.

  • Activities that have positive and applicable skills; and give educators the ability to take their educational passions to the next level without spending a considerable portion of their own income.

6. How do I apply for a Grant?

Beginning in 2020, the CAPS Grant Application will be on Google Forms. All AUSD teachers will receive an email with a link to the Application, which will also be posted on the Grants page of the CAPS website.

CAPS will be accepting Grant Applications from September 28 to October 9, 2020. We encourage you to work with your grade level, department, and school administrator to make the most of the funds allotted to your school site.

7. Who reads the Grant?

Retired AUSD teachers, specifically one from each grade span (elementary, middle school and high school), read Grant Applications anonymously. Only one person on the Committee knows the applicant’s name in case a question arises, but does not have a “vote” on the Application.

8. Can a CAPS Grant be partially funded? Why?

Yes. If the grants requested from your school site exceed the total amount allocated to the site, or if there has been an increase in the cost of your request since the time it was submitted, you may request partial funding.

9. Can a CAPS Grant be denied? Why?

Yes. The most common reasons for denial include, but are not limited to:

  • Failing to follow Grant Application protocol (see “How to Successfully Write a CAPS Grant” on our website).

  • Requesting more than the designated grant amount.

  • Failing to obtain an administrator’s authorization.

  • Failing to itemize the items included in the grant (including shipping and tax), where applicable.

If you have additional questions, please contact CAPS Grant Chair, Nicole Hider, at