2020 CAPS Letter to Teachers

September 15, 2020

Dear AUSD Teachers,

When CAPS met in April to discuss whether we could continue with our fundraiser, we knew that our teachers and students needed our support more than ever. Not knowing how successful we might be during this time of economic stress, our Committee was determined to raise funds for teacher grants. Although we had to cancel our in-person gala, we transitioned to a virtual event and online auction. With the support of our generous Atascadero community, we are thrilled to share that our MISSION: POSSIBLE fundraiser was a huge success. Our 14th annual “Event for Education” raised an incredible $67,000 for classroom grants!

All certificated staff who serve students in AUSD are invited to participate in our grant process. The Grant Committee will consider grant proposals ranging from $100-$1,500. We encourage you to think outside the box! Consider how you might enhance and enrich your program for your students, perhaps with tools to supplement your distance learning or items that will be used when students return to your classroom. You will only have a two-week window of opportunity to submit your grant request, so start thinking about it today!

A few key things to keep in mind:

Preparing and writing your Grant:

  • Grant funds are allocated to each school based on the total enrollment at your site. Your Principal will be advised of your site’s total allotment so that teachers can work collaboratively to maximize the impact of funds at your site.

  • Grant readers will consider all grant requests within the range of $100-$1,500. Anything over $1,500 will not be considered, even for teachers who work at multiple sites.

  • If the item or experience you are requesting is something for which you will be receiving partial funds from another source, please be sure to write your request for no more than $1,500, but include the remaining total separately with a brief explanation. Again, if you request the entire amount and it exceeds $1,500, your grant will not be considered.

  • ALL requests MUST include an itemized list of what you are requesting, including tax, shipping (where applicable), and the store or website where it can be purchased.

  • ALL technology requests MUST be pre-approved by the AUSD Technology Services Department. “Technology” includes software licenses, any device that may be used with your current classroom computer, as well as technology items that will require service by the District. A link to a Technology Form will be emailed to all AUSD teachers this week and will be posted on the Grants tab of the CAPS website (atascaderocaps.org).

  • Field trip requests will not be considered this year due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Instead, we recommend guest speakers who are able to present their work either via video conference or in-person if students are able to return to the classroom later in the year.

  • All grants MUST be authorized by your Principal before they can be considered by the Committee. Once the grant window closes, all grant applications will be bundled per site and submitted to Principals for final approval.

  • Information about CAPS grants (2020 Grant Intent, CAPS Grant FAQs, and How to Write a CAPS Grant) will be posted on the Grants tab of our website (atascaderocaps.org).

Submitting your Grant:

  • The grant application window is September 28 to October 9, 2020. If you are new to AUSD, we strongly suggest you find a “buddy” who can help walk you through the process.

  • You will receive an acknowledgement of your grant submission with an assigned grant number. If you do not receive this when submitting your Grant Application, contact Grant Chair, Nicole Hider, immediately.

Grant Process:

  • A committee of retired teachers representing all grade levels will read the grant applications anonymously so that all requests are treated equally regardless of school or individual.

  • Teachers and Principals will be notified of grant awards by October 30, 2020.

  • Fulfillment of the Grants will begin immediately following notification. Depending on the grant, items will be purchased by the CAPS purchasing committee, the Technology Department, or through the District Business Services. If the District will be purchasing your grant, you will receive an account code for the purchase of your grant items.

And that sums it up! Now it is up to you to brainstorm an innovative idea for your grant request! We are excited to be able to offer this for the 14th consecutive year and cannot thank you all enough for everything you do! Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions you may have by emailing grants@atascaderocaps.org.


Nicole Hider
CAPS Grant Chair

2020 Grant Timeline

  • Sept. 15 Principals notified of Grant Allocation per School Site

    • Teacher Letter and Information posted to Grants tab of CAPS website

    • 2020 Grant Intent, CAPS Grant FAQs and How to Write a CAPS Grant

    • Technology Form posted to Grants tab of CAPS website

  • Sept. 21 Grant Application emailed to AUSD teachers and posted to CAPS website

  • Sept. 28-Oct. 9 Grant Submission Window (2 weeks)

  • Oct. 14 Principal Approval Due to Committee

  • Oct. 30 Teachers and Principals Notified of Grant Awards