How to Successfully Write a CAPS Grant

Timeline: This year the Grant Submission Window is September 16-30, 2019. Teachers will be notified of grant awards on Oct. 18, 2019.

Grant Application: Download from the CAPS website:

  • All grants must be typed into the Grant Application pdf and printed for submission – no handwritten grants will be accepted.
  • Completely fill out Page 1 and Page 2 of the Grant Application.
  • Keep the Grant Request (title) brief and specific (e.g., “Field trip to the zoo”, “Books for classroom”).
  • Be concise with the Grant Description. What are you requesting? Where do you intend to use it? Who will it benefit and why?
  • Use a paperclip, DO NOT STAPLE
  • Make sure an Administrator signs your application.

Purchase Requests: Please itemize. Don’t forget shipping/handling and tax.

  • Make sure your itemizations are clear. If ordering from a website or catalog, include only the name of the vendor, the item name/number and the cost (including shipping/handling and tax).
  • CAPS grants will not be used to purchase food.

Field Trips: Please complete the AUSD Transportation Department’s Request for Transportation form and submit it with your Grant Application. Each school site has a Trip Coordinator who can provide you with Estimated School Bus Costs and Bus Capacity as well as a chart with round trip Mileage Information for many of the common field trip destinations and can assist you in completing the form. All forms are also available on the CAPS website. The Transportation form DOES NOT need to be signed by the Transportation Department prior to submitting it to CAPS.

Technology Requests: MUST be pre-approved by the AUSD Technology Services Department or they will be denied. There is a link to a Technology Form on the Grant Application. Please print and attach the approved Technology form to your Grant Application.

Awarding of Grants: Teachers and Administrators will be notified of their grant awards Oct. 18, 2019. The CAPS Grant Committee will coordinate most Grant purchases and facilitate the delivery to the teacher at their school site. Some grants, including field trips, must be purchased or coordinated through the District Office. Once teachers receive notification that their Grant has been approved, they may coordinate these purchases and field trips with Brooke Austin in Business Services. All Technology Grants will go through Candy Smet in Tech Services.

The Grant Reading Committee may not be able to contact you for any clarifications, so be very clear on what you are proposing. If you have any questions about the Grant process, contact the Grant Committee prior to the close of the Submission Window.

If you have questions, contact CAPS Grant Chair Nicole Hider at