How to Successfully Write a CAPS Grant

● Pay attention to the timeline.

● Use the Grant Application that you download from the CAPS website:

● All grants must be typed – no handwritten grants.

● Keep the Grant Request brief and specific.

● Be concise with the Grant Description. What are you requesting? Where do you intend to use it? Who will it benefit and why?

● Completely fill out Page 1 and Page 2 of the Grant Application.

● Itemize your request: Don’t forget shipping/handling and tax.

● Make sure your itemizations are clear.

● Send no more than one page of backup material if necessary. If something is coming from a catalog, include only the name of the catalog, the item name/number and the cost (including shipping/handling and tax).

● Do not guess on field trip costs. Get the total from Transportation. Include the approved and signed Transportation form with the request. The form can be downloaded from the CAPS website.

● All technology requests must go through the Tech Services Department for approval or they will be denied. Include the approved and signed Technology form with the request. The form can be downloaded from the CAPS website.

● Use a paperclip, DO NOT STAPLE

● CAPS grants will not be used to purchase food.

● Make sure an Administrator signs your application.

Remember: The Grant Reading Committee might not be able to contact you for any clarifications, so be very clear on what you are proposing.

If you have questions contact: Nicole Hider or Kathy Peterson at