2020 Recipients

109 Grants totaling $67,650

Carrisa Plains $531

Kate Maynor / Fun in the Sun Seating

Creston $700

Kristina Grinnell and Marge Shadowen / Seating for Outdoor Education

Fine Arts Academy $2,963

Beth Klemm / Vocal Solo Books

Julie Newton / Class Set of Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen

Justine Rigali / Cricut Machine

Yvonne Davis / Picnic Table for Student Courtyard

Naomi Kartel / Green Patio Umbrellas

Erica Walters / Green Picnic Table

Monterey Road $5,147

Cheri Roben / Student Whiteboards and Portable Teaching Easel

Bryn Freeman / Interactive Materials for Special Education

Patti Duncan Rice / Whiteboards for online and outside learning

Michelle Dornish / Outdoor Classroom

Katie Laurie / Headphones

Kayleen Leong / Teaching in a Pandemic Books and Supplies

Teri Hillier / Phonics Games and Clip Boards

Taylor Wing / Classroom Supplies

Janine Wagner / Listening Center

Jennifer Betti / Novel Study Materials

Kelly Clinite / Distance Learning Study Packs

San Benito $6,061

Sohrab Movhedi / Phonics/Spelling Curriculum

Nicollette Clark / SPED Tech Resources

Sohrab Movhedi / Writing and Language Support

Krista Connelly / Self-Monitoring Watches

Rebekah Penland / Padlet Pro Subscription

Ashley Keeney / Math Manipulatives

Heather Jowett / Math Manipulatives

Jessica Rodriguez / Speech Materials

Joe’l Mueller / Wobble Chairs

Nicole O’Dell / New Library Books

Marisa Looney / Document Cameras

San Gabriel $4,277

Yvette Acord / iPads for Learning Center and Speech Therapy

Tamara Jones / Synchronous and Asynchronous Instruction

Ann Platz / Document Cameras for Kindergarten Classrooms

Christina Havemann / Document Cameras

Beverly Daniel / Document Camera

Jeanne Anderson / Elmo Document Camera

Karen Calderwood / Okiolabs Document Camera

Jocelyn Johnston / Elmo Document Camera

San Gabriel Preschool $1,130

Jennifer Lagos / Story Books

Cadie Brown / Circle Time Materials

Krista Lewis / Themed Books for Speech Therapy

Santa Margarita $3. 302

Brook Black / Renewable Energy

Anna Potter / Rainbow Table

Merial Buikema / Combining Science, History and Literature!

Lauren Cotterell / Increasing Phonics Instruction between Home and School

Alison Chapman / Super Science Supplies

Alissa Whitaker / Flexible Seating

Teresa Goossen / Picnic Table for Outdoor Learning

Sally Immel / Learning Center Wiggle Seats

Annalee McKinnon / Kanoodle for Intervention

Santa Rosa $5,285

Michele Reyes / Classroom Rug

Beth Burris / Standing Desk with Wobble Board

Sarah Holland / Letter Fun for Everyone!

Daniela Rothberg / Classroom Rug

Sarah McCray / Headphones for the Classroom

Wylanta Jones / Playground Inclusive Communication Panel

Hailey Maytubby / Stuart Little Novel Study

Taylor Spainhour / Color Printer and Toner

Gianna Villa / Flexible Seating

Vicky Buerster / Tricycles and Helmets

Vicky Buerster / Fine Motor Bundle

Atascadero Middle School $12,095

Christina DeSanti / STEAM Individual Student Lab Kits

Donna Kehl / Novel Unit: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Matthew Avila / Keeping and Making AMS Green

Laurie Peterson / Sight Reading Factory

Joy Taylor / 140 Copies of Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen

Nate Ballinger / Learning Ally Book Database

Chris DeFirmian / Heirloom Boxes

Lori Pruitt / Magnetic Water Molecule Kits

Matthew Avila / Peardeck Interactive Slideshow

Breanna Majors / Nearpod Subscription

Karissa Peterson / Nearpod Subscription

Kara Ferrell / Flocabulary Online Program

Denise Moore / Flocabulary Online Program

Donna Kehl / El Diario de Ana Frank

Jennifer Parham / iPads for Digital Art

Kristina DuPerron / A Little Wonder…

Atascadero High School $18,553

Andy Gilliland / Flexible Seating

Angelique McQuitty / Biology Probeware

Christy Little / Tower Garden

Megan Risley / Rowing Machines for PE

Joe Davis / Rowing Machines for PE

Natalie Cooks / Rowing Cables and Rowing Machine for PE

Ashley Hale / Science Material Kits for Secondary Special Ed

Julie Steyer / Color, Technique and Amazing Art!

Heather Bakich / Digital Counseling Resources

Tiffini Banks / Model United Nations Conferences

Jeff Spiller / Distance Learning Fitness

Victor Cooper / Graphing Calculators

Jon Conrad/ Modeling Chemistry Technology

Tess Harback / Clay to Make Our Day

Kris Bell / Librarians In Training Club Book Buy, Virtual Edition

Samuel Weber / Everyday Speech Subscription

Kerry Sherer / AHS Banner

Rob Robertson / World and US History Material Kits for AHS Special Ed ILC/ELC

Jeff Bockert / School Supplies for At Risk Students

Ashley Hurni / Thrively.com Account Subscription

Kris Bell / Virtual Writer’s Workshop Series

Tony Renteria / Auto Shop Engine Scanner Update

ACE (Atascadero Choices in Education) $6,276

Lori Foley / Path of Exploration: Landforms, Watershed, Weather

Thomas Smith / Path of Exploration: Growing Garden

Dorothy Wagster / Path of Exploration: Critter Corner and Seasonal Changes

Kahlin Wolf / Outdoor Seating

Kahlin Wolf / Shade for Outdoor Seating

Cheryl Hockett and Maryanne Tornquist / Hands-On Science at Home

Lori Foley / Meeting our Families’ Needs

Paloma Creek Highschool $930

Scott Killen / Great Cities Spotlight: San Francisco Virtual Field Trip

STEPS $398

Cynthia Ravalin / iPad for Career Exploration