2019 CAPS Grants

122 Grants totaling $58,000

All Elementary Schools $800

Kris Bell / District Battle of the Books Event

Carrisa Plains $200

Kate Maynor / Gardening Supplies

Creston $569

Kristina Grinnell / Wireless Doorbell, Reading Phones, Food Forest

Bev Daniel / Battle Books

Marge Shadowen / Basic Coding for Kinder & 1st

Fine Arts Academy $2,928

Yvonne Davis / Anaheim Dance, Choir & Strings Competition

Beth Klemm / Instruments for Classroom Music

Erica Walters / Cameras for Digital Arts

Claire Missire / Laptop Lap Desks

Julie Newton / Seating for Library

Monterey Road $4,182

Bryn Freeman / STEM Materials

Katie Laurie / Field Trip to La Purisima Mission

Melanie Asaro / Camp KEEP Scholarships

Teri Hillier / Phonics Activities & 10 Frames

Michelle Dornish / Headphones with mics

Kayleen Leong / Flexible Seating

Dina Lee / Flexible Seating

Jennifer Betti / Art Supplies

Cheri Roben / Conservation Ambassadors

Megan Zeilstra / Articulation Story Books

Jessica Thompson / I Want to Tell You Books

Kelly Younce / Flexible Seating

Thomas Smith / Activity Guides for Kinder

San Benito $6,247

Kaylie Edgar / Classroom Robots

Janine Wagner / STEAM Building Activities

Kristin Gaeta / Hands-on STEAM Materials

Stacey Cyester / Scholastic News & Science Spin

Rebekah Penland / Book Adventure Books

Bonnie Kraemer / CD/Cassette Player & Read-Along

Nicole O’Dell / Battle, Young Reader Medal & Book Adventure Books

Sohrab Movahedi / Ozbot Coding Robots

Joe’l Mueller / Battle Books

Terrell Broner / Scholastic Weekly Readers

Lauren Amendola / Field Trip to Central Coast Aquarium

Jennifer Vermurlen / Admission to Central Coast Aquarium

San Gabriel $5,214

Wylanta Jones / Core Vocab Reading Library

Susie Forster / Classroom Communication Tools

Meagan Glimpse / Music Instrument – Xylophone Bass Bar

Krista Lewis / Speech Therapy Material Storage

Jocelyn Johnston / Flexible Seating

Jocelyn Johnston / Double Sided Magnetic Easel

Julia Witt / Books for Classroom

Melinda Reany / Tumbling Mats for PE Motor Lab

Lori Foley / Large White Boards and Markers

Kerry Sherer / Centers Supplies: Organizer and Lap Trays

Michael Zuniga / Camp KEEP

Christina Havemann / Books for Reading Groups

Karen Calderwood / Field Trip to SLO Children’s Museum

Summer Van Beurden / Therapy Materials for Speech Room

Mari Dunsmore / “Midnight Rider” Books for 2 Classrooms

Anne Hagy / Battle Books for Classroom

San Gabriel Preschool $1,006

Kay Milligan / Little Tykes Play Structure

Cadie Brown / Books & Scholastic Activities

Jennifer Lagos / Curriculum Activities

Danielle Yett / Speech Materials

Santa Margarita $2,776

Sally Immel / Whiteboard Table & Dry Erase Easel

Brook Black / Renewable Energy Literacy & Activities

Jessie McGuire / Headphones

Meagan Glimpse / Music Instruments - Glockenspiels

Merial Buikema / iPad Pro

Breanna Majors / Listening Center

Santa Rosa $4,987

Michele Reyes / Charles Paddock Zoo Admission

Shaina Furnis-Lawrence / Science Show at SLO PAC

Lavae Peysar / Battle Books & Young Reader Medal Books

Beth Burris / Learning Center Furniture

Tammy Jacino / Starfall Website Renewal (TK-2)

Jennifer Thompson / Field Trip to PR Children’s Museum

Dan Smith / Earphones for Chromebooks

Shauna Schimmelpfenning / Earphones for Chromebooks

Hailey Maytubby / Earphones & Computer Mice

Heather Demosthenes / Core Vocabulary Reading Library

Sarah Holland / Field Trip to the Charles Paddock Zoo

Beth Klemm / Instruments for Classroom Music

Vicky Buerster / Learning Tools & Toys

Atascadero Middle School

Melissa Tuttle / Hearst Museum

Lindsay Bentz / Hearst Museum

Dianne Bray / 2 Field Trips to Cal Poly SLO

Laurie Peterson / Transportation to Choral Festival

Wylanta Jones / Core Vocabulary Reading Library

Hiram Burrus / SLO County Band Festival

Jennifer Parham / Cricut Cutter & Paper for Designing Stickers

Chris de Firmian / Materials to Build Geometric Shelves

Cheryl Hockett / Hearst Museum

Jeff Jones / Hearst Museum

Christina DeSanti / Simple Machines & Circuitry Kits

Nate Ballinger / Flexible Seating

Trent Lunceford / Battle Ropes for Weight Room

Megan Risley / Plyo Boxes for Weight Room

Matthew Avila / Classroom Technology & Storage

Julie Davis / Chromebooks

Atascadero High School $11,062

Jeremy Massie / Headphones with Mic

Ivan Bradley / Writing Contest Speaker & Prizes

Carrie Jones / Music in the Parks Competition

Meghan Beck / 6 White Noise Machines

Danielle DeLuca / iPad

Julie Steyer / Printmaking with a Modern Twist

Andrew Weatherly / New Welding Equipment

Eileen Medina / iPad & App for Notetaking in Class

Nate Conrad / 75” TV & Wall Mount

Jennifer Bravo / AP Spanish Field Trip to LA

Tony Renteria / Snap-on Scanner Software Update

Joshua Dean / CSF Field Trip to US Santa Barbara

Rob Robertson / Flexible Classroom Seating

Andrew Wilkie / Items for Honors Anatomy & Physiology

Sierra Aster / iPad

Jeff Spiller / Crossfit Equipment – Elite Jump Ropes

Christy Little / Supplies for Culinary Classes

Irene McDaniel / iPad, Protection Plan, Otterbox & App

David Pascolla / Bookmaking Binding Machine

John Forte / Hot Plate-Magnetic Stirrer Combo

Robin Ryburn / Grow Lights for Real World Science Experiences

Angelique McQuitty / Grow Lights for Real World Science Experiences

Ashley Hurni / Posters Displaying HS Graduation & College Eligibility Requirements

Kris Bell / Visiting Author & Writing Workshop

David Muff / Librarians in Training (LIT) Club Book Buy

Lauren Chambers / Stand Up Desks

Marie Pink / Materials for Physics Labs & Activities

Morgan Couture / 10 Copies of “Innovate Inside the Box: Empowering Learners Through UDL and Innovator’s Mindset”

ACE (Atascadero Choices in Education) $1,326

Dorothy Wagster / Ceramic Supplies

Cindy Bourgault / Classroom Seating Options

Kahlin Wolf / Field Trip to Getty Villa

Paloma Creek High School $800

Scott Killen / Field Trip to Getty Villa