Our 2020 Board

***CAPS still has vacancies in key positions for our 2020 Board. If you are interested in joining our team supporting AUSD teachers and students, please contact us at info@atascaderocaps.org ***

Our 2020 Board

Chair – OPEN chair@atascaderocaps.org

Sponsorship – OPEN sponsorship@atascaderocaps.org

Publicity – OPEN

Media/Facebook – OPEN

Invitations – OPEN

Catalog – OPEN

Registration – OPEN tickets@atascaderocaps.org

Secretary – Felisha Imhoff, secretary@atascaderocaps.org

Treasurer – Veronica DeCoster, treasurer@atascaderocaps.org

Auction (Live and Silent) – Francesca LoPorto, auction@atascaderocaps.org

Decor – Angie Erb

Casino – Glenda Highland and Jerry Tanimoto

Outreach – Dawn Daner and Christina Havemann

Volunteer – Carol Leoni

Grants – Nicole Hider, grants@atascaderocaps.org

Website – Jodie Cohen, webmaster@atascaderocaps.org

2020 Committee Members:

Lori Bickel, Barb Boud, Melanie Caspary, Val Hinrichs, Melanie Karp, Jeannie Malik, Susie McCormick-Lilley, Vy Pierce