CAPS Connections


District Librarian Kris Bell and the AHS LIT (Librarian in Training) Club put their CAPS grant to great use by collaborating together, researching new books, and working within their budget to purchase books that will be added to the library once school resumes. We're so proud of their effort!

Writing Contest

Congratulations to the talented students whose creative writing pieces were chosen for this anthology! CAPS is very proud to have contributed funding through a grant to support the AHS Writing Contest that led to this masterpiece. Read more about it at

Distance Learning

Demonstrating how "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work," the staff and students at Creston and Carrisa Plains Elementary Schools adapted well to distance learning. Kudos to Sarah Betz for her guidance and leadership as Principal at BOTH schools!


At Santa Rosa Academic Academy, kindergarten teacher, Tammy Jacinto, sent home weekly packets to her students. Among the things she included were an American flag for a social studies lesson and pots, soil, and seeds for a Mystery Doug science lesson. Way to keep distance learners engaged, Ms. Jacinto!


AMS teacher, Ms. DiSanti, had some pretty ingenious engineering students. Here are some examples of her students getting creative and inventing things for engineering during distance learning.


Climb aboard as Kaylie Edgar, 2nd grade teacher at San Benito Elementary, takes us on a virtual field trip to California Academy of Sciences! Just one of the many ways our creative educators are adapting their teaching plans to accommodate distance learning. This was such a clever and fun way to expose students to this amazing museum and research facility ... and teach them some math and sorting skills along the way. Way to go, Ms. Edgar and SBE! CAPS gives you an A+!

Embark on the Field Trip (be sure to click "Next" after the intro to see the full tour and lesson).

District Wide

CAPS reached out to AUSD and the various school sites to see how things went after schools were closed. The transition to distance learning started at the District level, with AUSD serving 2,500 meals per week (lunch and breakfast) at 3 locations (San Benito Elementary School, Santa Rosa Academic Academy, and Atascadero Middle School). It issued 4,000 Chromebooks to all TK-12 students who requested one, including those in the S.T.E.P.S. program. (Photos below are from distribution day at Monterey Road Elementary.) The District is pleased to report that 98% of students engaged in distance learning and checked in with their teachers regularly.

CAPS applauds AUSD for its swift response and dedication to getting students what they needed in order to participate in the modified spring term. Thank you for keeping our students engaged and learning!